What are the available payment options?

  • We provide Credit Card payments for seamless pre-ordering and purchasing.
  • You can choose Bank Transfer, Transferwise or PayPal Gift payment option at the end of the checkout process. We are not charged any transaction fees for any of these options, and therefore the savings goes to you.

Do you ship internationally?

  • We are a Singapore based store serving our local community. We do ship out products internationally and we understand that certain products are hard to find or sold out in your area or country.  

How much does shipping cost?

  • We provide very competitive shipping rates and definitely one of the best in the industry.
  • Shipping rates are determined by the dimension and weight of the product package. 
  • Here are some general guidelines to our shipping rates. You can always reach out to us for any shipping rates enquiries.
Country / Region Shipping Method Estimated Price Range *
Singapore Ground Delivery
(Sea-ship cost applies for overseas product)
US / Canada / France / U.K
Australia / 
South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines
Air-ship (DHL Express, EMS and Special Line)
3 to 14 days delivery time

0.1 to 10kg - SGD30 to SGD200
10.1 to 20kg - SGD200 to SGD300
21 to 30kg - SGD300 to SGD450
> 30kg - SGD450 to SGD600

Sea-ship - 2 to 3 months delivery time
(Recommended for big packages)

31 to 50kg - SGD400 to SGD600
> 50kg - SGD600 onwards

Air-ship (EMS, Express and Special Line)
3 to 28 days delivery time

Drop-and-ship (Aramex)
Please enquire
* Note of the following:
    • Volumetric weight measurement - express shipping and sea-shipping
    • Actual weight measurement - EMS shipping
    • Delivery fee will be charged to deliver to drop-and-ship station.
    • Estimated rates are based on 1 box measurement